Tribute to Carlos Gardel - The Eternal Singer

Author: Saide Abdalá
Dedicated to developing the Tango in its various disciplines: Art in the plastic arts, in song and dance. All the artistic expressions assembled together give a framework to the mystic figure of the singer-songwriter.
The paintings, objects and original documentation cover the topics of popular culture of the last century. The tango along with its history in the cinema and the turf among others.
The exposition has a high level of symbolic expression in all its details, ornamented the colonial suburb of yesteryear.
It is founded with the intention of preserving the Argentine identity and traditions towards the new generations. To spread through it the life and work of our distinguished singer, as well as our popular culture in the World.


Gardel Siglo XX exhibition in the VIII International Congress of the Spanish Language

Gardel 20th century

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