The Documentary

EXHIBITING GARDEL - The documentary Saide Abdalá

Exhibiting Gardel: short film under the audiovisual direction of Ezequiel Garasa, and the voice over of the announcer and journalist Alejandra Garcia Krizanec and the technical operation of David Paszucki, of radio Continental Córdoba, design Hugo Biglia, in basic preview Iván Cursack.
On classical guitar, Roberto Pugliese, "Whistling", Tango from 1925.
Music: Sebastián Piana – Cátulo Castillo / lyrics: José González Castillo.
The short reflects a synthesis of the cultural cycles dedicated to the Criollo Thrush carried out by the visual artist and broadcaster Saide Abdalá, who in the last two decades has dedicated her pictorial temple to the eloquent image of the popular myth of the Argentine porteña song.