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From Argentina and the United States we remember the 86th years of the physical departure of "Morocho del Abasto" Files - Tanguera Files – Gardel Siglo XX

We present: June 2021

* MEMORIES OF GARDEL SPEAK * 1927 In the voice of: VINCENT THOMAS. Son of the renowned EDMUNDO “PUCHO” GUIBOURG. "Gardel's great friend"

Interviews conducted by Saide Abdalá To:
Files - Expedientes Tanguera – Tanguera Files
You can see and hear it from Buenos Aires to the world
You can see and hear it from Buenos Aires to the world.
Youtube Canal: Gardel Siglo XX.

June 24 marked the 86th anniversary of that terrible episode in Medellin, (Colombia), where the singer Carlos Gardel lost his life along with a large part of his entire entourage. The organization GARDEL SIGLO XX of CG Emprendimientos together with TANGUERA RADIO, a multiplatform communication medium that broadcasts tango and culture to the world 24 hours a day, made a memorial dedicated to the artist who changed the history of tango. In his memory, a (podcast) is presented by the station's Programming and Institutional Directorate, under the coordination and idea of Saide Abdalá who conducted an interview with the historian Pablo Di Tomaso, who until 2020 was Director of the Municipal Historical Museum of Cañada de Gómez in the Province of Santa Fé, (today current Manager of Anses).
In the note, the historian tells us an unmissable story, testimonial anecdotes of the visits and presentations of Carlos Gardel with his guitarists in the city of Canada where he is always remembered. The singer arrived at the historic station for the first time on January 14, 1930; in turn, he returned to it in 1933, when he was making some presentations in the interior of the country a short time before leaving his beloved Argentina forever.

As a finishing touch, during Gardel's week we also visited Vincent Thomas where we conducted an interview with him. Vincent is the only son of the always remembered Edmundo “Pucho” Guibourg ““ great friend of Gardel ”. He currently resides with his wife Pilar Thomas in the city of Los Angeles (United States). Last February he turned one hundred years old and today he gives us in his own words the memories that he treasures and keeps latent at the time in his experiences of when he was a child he met Carlos Gardel. In 1927 an important position awaited his father in Paris. Guibourg would be a correspondent for the Argentine newspaper "Critica", so with his family they embarked on an unexpected journey that would change his life, events that marked his youth and are reflected in his valuable memories. that will remain forever in his book "The Gardel that I knew", a request from his father and where Vincent has captured a period that would be transcendental that spans between 1927 and 1938, becoming a Gardel fan who listens live to the broadcast from New York.

Vincent Thomas: He was born in 1921 in Detroit, United States, he lived a large part in Argentina and a period in Paris, he met many personalities in Gardelian history, such as Doña Berta Gardés, Armando Defino, Enrique De Rosas, Pedro Quartucci, Luis Pierotti among others. Towards the end of the 30s he began to work as a theatrical actor with roles in Argentine cinema films, the best known is “Pasó en mi barrio” with Tita Merello, then he turned to journalism and being in Argentina, he worked first in the newspaper Criticism and then on channel 13. In 1988 he retired and decided to settle in Los Angeles. He continued for a few years in North American journalism, where he wrote for the newspapers “Noticias del Mundo” and “La Opinion”. Today he is an active member of the Argentine-American community. The dissemination of Gardel Siglo XX and CGEmprendimientos undertakes and develops various tributes to the iconic figure of the Criollo Thrush, with presentations of thematic exhibitions and objects from its history. The sample is Declared of Interest by the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Culture and Tourism, Nation, Provinces, the Honorable Porteña Legislature, SADAIC, among other official approvals that support its creation for the protection of Argentine cultural history.

December with Gardel

Online Cultural Cycle - Literary Gala

From December 11 to 27
DECEMBER 11 "National Tango Day"
On December 11 and from the undertaking "Volver al Arte Tango con Gardel" by Saide Abdalá, a literary event was presented on the online cultural platform, www.volveragardel.com.ar, in homage to the birth of Carlos Gardel and Julio de Caro , as a reminder to all those who formed the history of tango.
The "Dia del Tango" was created by Ben Molar 51 years ago, on December 19, 1977, and established by a decree.
In tribute to the month of tango we present a literary gala:
Hernández in his book "Life and work of Carlos Gardel", a book that also shaped Gardel's history, was exhibited on the site and in its fourth special chapter: "tango song”
Anastasio Hernández: he was a writer, historian, and lecturer, he is the one who dedicated a large part of his life to investigating the life and work of the Zorzal Criollo, in a precise and detailed task in an exceptional work that took him more than three decades, his work was is reflected in one hundred editions today known in the world for being unique pieces.
The author was born in the province of Buenos Aires on September 18, 1931 and settled in the province of Córdoba in 1955, where he died on May 19, 2014. The book that we exhibited at the cultural site to the public is autographed and dedicated by its author to Josefina Adams de Malvestiti, recognized in the world for being the first English woman to play the bandoneon, who died a few years ago in New York.
The outstanding book, today belongs to the traveling exhibition "Gardel Siglo XX" for its educational dissemination.
In the online program we could see:
Maizani report, the memories speak ...
With high resolution material attached in graphic years 1937 and 1960 of notes made to Maizani "La Ñata Gaucha", where the female singer talks about Carlos Gardel and the enduring friendship between them, in the cycle the postcard that El Zorzal gave her was exhibited dedicated by him to Azucena Maizani (Gardel XX century Collection)
Also for December 11 “Gardel Siglo XX” with Tanguera Radio culturally joined in the commemoration of the Tango week. In the virtual gallery of Tanguera online to 150 countries, photos dedicated to Carlos Gardel during his time in New York were presented..
It was a tribute to Tango with the announcers and journalists of the radio Tanguera Radio, with departures 24 hours at the opening of each hour, in a tribute with mentions, all dedicated to Tango, Gardel and Julio de Caro.



23 edition August 14th and 15th, 2020
Press Report:
EXHIBITING GARDEL - the documentary Saide Abdalá, was presented at the 23rd edition of the International Isabela Tangofest in Puerto Rico.
The short reflects a synthesis of the cultural cycles dedicated to the Criollo Thrush carried out by the visual artist and broadcaster Saide Abdalá, who in the last two decades has dedicated her pictorial temple to the eloquent image of the popular myth of the Argentine porteña song.
The author has assembled her paintings to a sample set at the time of 1900 in an itinerant tribute consecrated to the popular idol with artistic presentations linked to the Cultural undertaking of "Volver al Arte tango" based on an initiative created to promote the history of Carlos Gardel and the tango. With the passing of time, her Gardelian works have visited different places, among them the same house of Carlos Gardel, today the Casa Museum, located at 735 Jean Jaurés street in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Abasto de Balvanera.
Exhibiting Gardel: short film under the audiovisual direction of Ezequiel Garasa in the voice over of the announcer and journalist Alejandra Garcia Krizanec and the technical operation of David Paszucki, from Radio Continental Córdoba.
The International Isabela Tangofest festival in Puerto Rico, broadcast online, is organized by Carmen Ruiz Grafals de Rodriguez, President Peña del Tango, José Grafals de Isabela and its General Director Fidel Guerrero
Among many artists of the medium were:
From Puerto Rico, the well-known speaker and collector Arturo Yépez Pottier, the singer José Antonio Virella, the plastic artist Rubén Rodriguez, Diego Mario Rivarola, Gloria Acevedo, the poet-composer Efrain Nieves, the dancers Amarilis Navarro and Ricky Vázquez.
From Montevideo (Uruguay) the singers Francisco Falco and Sergio Eduardo, the dancers, Lahara Stolarsky and Federico Garcia, from Medellin (Colombia) the singer Gloria Acevedo from Valparaiso (Chile) the dancers Paloma Berríos and Maximiliano Alvarado.
From Argentina: The lecturer Fernado del Priore, Diego Mario Rivarola, the poet Irene Nieto Jardon, Valentina Etchebest, singer, and the Contramano Tango 4 Musical Ensemble, La falda (Cba) Pablo Achával de Tigre, the Duo Los de Minetti (Santa Fé ) in the plastic arts - Marella Belloto and the poet Enzo Pujol de (Tucumán).
"Among many artists and speakers of national and world culture"

Gardel in Los Angeles

“The Voice of the Tango”

From Argentina to the world, in the city of Los Angeles on February 23, 2020 Saide Abdalá was invited to carry out a presentation with original paintings, images and objects belonging to the author's collection, including postcard photos and “The Cumparsita ”, a pasta disc autographed by Carlos Gardel himself.
Event that took place at the headquarters of the Argentine Association and within the framework of: "CARLOS GARDEL THE VOICE OF THE TANGO" with Mundo gardeliano edition "La voz del Tango" the book by the Argentine author, writer and poet Rafael Flores Montenegro.
THE VOICE OF THE TANGO, is the first complete biography to be published in English since the last one in 1986 written by historian Simon Collier.
At the conference the specialist in Hispanic cinema Violeta Nunez and the local collector George Wendt spoke, who exhibited a suitcase that Gardel used in his last trips. Among personalities of the Cultural environment of the City of Los Angeles, authorities of the organization were present, and the Journalist and writer Vincent Tomas son of the renowned Edmundo “Pucho” Guibourg.

Gardel Memory of the World

Gardel Memory of the World

The cultural and tourist program was inaugurated on December 5th at the Gran Hotel Victoria in the province of Córdoba, for the commemorative celebrations of the month of tango alluding to the birth of Carlos Gardel.
GHV: a place declared historical heritage and that houses an ancient past of similarities to tango.
The hotel that hosted Gardel ...
When for the first time at La Docta in July, 1914 with the Vittone - Pomar Company, the Gardel Razzano Duo performed at the imposing Theater Novedades today STUDIO THEATER where a special guided tour circuit was held for the December activity belonging to the cycle.
At the opening, the traveling exhibition "GARDEL SIGLO XX" was presented, which includes portraits dedicated to the Criollo Thrush, with original documentation on display and educational circuits reconstructed in history.
At the inauguration, recognitions were made for those who formed and form the Gardelian history.
--The Argentine historian, writer and actor born in Buenos Aires, settled and died in the Province of Córdoba. Anastasio Hernández, his dedicated literary research work that with only 100 editions left us a wide legacy in his book "LIFE AND WORK OF CARLOS GARDEL" - The Collector and researcher José Pedernera, the sculptor Raúl Vásquez Cuestas with the architect: Marcos Ortiz Quiróz and Agustin González for the monument to Gardel located on June 23rd, 1985 in Las Heras Park.
Tribute and floral delivery on the bust of Carlos Gardel, located in El Calicanto of the glen, an event that was held with important artists for the tango festivities at the Docta Mediterranean.
-To Marcela Cassinelli President of the Argentine Cinemateca Foundation, for the preservation of the National Heritage with the support of the Law of Patronage of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires for the restoration of the shorts and films of Carlos Gardel, projection of the film “El Día que me Quieras ”, Viejo Smoking and Tour of 1930s shorts, at the Hugo del Carril Municipal Cineclub.
Adhesion of the Academia del tango filial Córdoba, in a Tango event that took place in the Municipal Cultural Center. Pepino´s House.
The cycle culminated on December 27th, 2019 in the Carlos Gardel room of the Gran Hotel Victoria, with the presentation of the book "PERFUME DE ARRABAL" novel by the writer Liliana Alem.


2019 CILE

From March 26 to April 5, during the VIII International Congress of the Spanish Language, the exhibition "Gardel Siglo XX" was held in the Evita Protocolar Courtyard of the Legislature of the province of Córdoba. It was the stage for the great tribute to an icon of tango music, the brand new "Carlos Gardel". The exhibition ART TANGO based on the Cultural project "Volver a Gardel" that belongs to the artist and author Saide Abdalá, who received the approval of the Carlos Gardel Siglo XX exhibition, accompanied by emblematic artists of traditional and popular music. There was the presence of important tango stars such as Cuartetango orchestra conducted by Maestro Carlos Nieto, with the special presentation of the prominent singer and actor Ángel Rico "Angel de Gardel", outstanding dancers Martín Peralta and Malena Jara, who act to Focus Tango and the Servas Foundation. The CILE was an important historical event for the province that featured the outstanding visit of King Felipe of Spain.