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The book that we exhibit on this site to the public and in its fourth chapter for the first time online, is autographed and dedicated by the remembered writer Anastasio Hernández to Josefina Adams de Malvestiti, who was the first English woman to play the bandoneon.
Anastasio Hernández: (1931 - 2014) was a historian, writer, lecturer and also an actor. Author of an exceptional and unique book that with only one hundred editions is recognized in the world and in the Gardelian environment.
In an admirable and constant dedication of the author, we value his work and the extensive research that took him just over three decades to collect information and specific details in the correspondence that, at his request, were sent to him from various parts of the world to carry out his work, in a deep analysis of all the life and work of our excellent singer-songwriter.
Anastasio was born in Adolfo Alsina province of Buenos Aires and settled in the province of Córdoba in 1955.
He was a member of the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, the Cordovan Federation of Tango and the Ateneo Cultural del Tango en Córdoba.
"His book on the life and work of Carlos Gardel is the culmination of the effort of a lifetime dedicated to this end" Words by Alberto Clementi.
* Our thanks to the family of the writer Anastasio Hernández for their contribution to the dissemination of our culture "
* In the month that commemorates the "National Tango Day" and the birthday of Carlos Gardel, creator of Tango Cantando.
From the book "LIFE AND WORK OF CARLOS GARDEL" by its author Anastasio Hernández.
Chapter N ° 4 - THE TANGO SONG, which includes from page 55 to page 115.
We attach a note from the journalist and rapporteur Horacio Bengolea - "Tango" magazine October 2012.
Where the deceased writer tells us how his admiration for Carlos Gardel begins and very specific passages from his life.

We enclose pictures and an interview to Anastasio Hernández
N ° 1 Anastasio Hernández
N ° 2 Anastasio in the dressing rooms
N ° 3 y N° 4 Machine with which the author wrote much of the end of the book, its beginning was on a Remington machine.
Courtesy - Valentin Pazzi Museum
N ° 5 Anastasio in the Movie Dressing Rooms
N ° 6 With Olga Zubarry
N ° 7 y 8 With Mirtha Legrand.
N ° 9 Whit Luis Sandrini
N° 10 Anastasio, now older, with the journalist Rony Vargas in the 90's.
N° 11 Exhibition of his book at the Gran Hotel Victoria, December 2019 "Gardel Memoria del Mundo".


Azucena Maizani

Maizani report with Gardel

Memories speak ... His friendship with the Thrush

Maizani's friendship with Carlos Gardel was so enduring, an intense friendship that transcended the artistic world.
Gardel wrote few letters and to a few people, "Azucena Maizani was one of them"
They met in 1923 during an evening at the National Theater, when in different proportions the two were just climbing the steps of fame.
"In 1933 another chronicler points out that at the end of a radio program Gardel told Azucena:" You are a bit fat and I am a bit old, but in Buenos Aires there is still no one who can beat us to sing tangos. br> Carlos recorded his tango "La Canción de Buenos Aires" (Maizani - Cufaro)
Among other compositions.
Of an attractive brunette and Creole beauty, Francisco Canaro assures that he discovered her at the Pigalle and launched her to stardom in 1920, when she made her debut with his orchestra, the same conductor is credited with having given her the nickname "Azabache", but in reality The person who gave her the true baptism certificate was Libertad Lamarque in the mid-thirties, when he described her as the “Ñata gaucha”, the nickname that made her famous.
The women of Maizani interpret a lunfardo of the suburbs, where they express the drama of the suburb led to an unequaled sentimentality.
He competed in his time with famous female singers such as Nelly Omar, Ada Falcón, Rosita Quiroga, Libertad Lamarque, Mercedes Simone ...
He had a consecrated career, with tours of Spain in 1931 with Roberto Zerrillo, Oreste Cúffaro and Joaquin Mor, when he performed at the Alcázar Theater in Madrid. He also devoted himself to silent films, and in 1931 with the arrival of talkies, he took part in the film "Tango", sings on Radio Nacional, and filmed "Monte Criollo" where he sings the tango of the same name. He also sang on Radio “El Mundo” with the Elvino Vardaro orchestra.
In 1938, Azucena embarked on an important tour that included all the Pacific countries, Cuba and the United States.
Could it have been Carlos Gardel? who encouraged Maizani to project himself in his career in the United States.
As we see in the lines of the letter that Gardel sent him from New York, and that we show in a copy in the gallery.
Azucena Maizani : 1902 – 1970

We enclose graphic notes of the time:

N ° 1, 2, 3, 4 - Note from RADIOLANDIA to Ñata Gaucha (1937)
N ° 5 - Note from EL MUNDO - GARDEL Y YO (1963)
By journalist Adrián Juárez
Photographs and original material.
N ° 6 Postcard photo of Azucena dedicated to a friend in 1934.
N ° 7 A true copy of the original letter sent from New York on 02/19/35
N ° 8 Meeting in a function. Buenos Aires 1933
N ° 9 Gardel, along with Azucena, Libertad Lamaque, Mercedes Simone among female singers.
N ° 10 Maizani on the film set.



December 11

Gardel Siglo XX with Tanguera Radio to the world to 150 countries spreading culture.
During December 11,at the opening of each hour and during the 24 hours of the station, there will be daily outings with stories,musical themes and mentions from the radio announcers and journalists to decorate the DAY OF TANGO.
In the virtual gallery we will have a reminder with images alluding to the Carlos Gardel.


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